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Julie Hamilton has impressed us on every level possible! We have had the absolute joy of working with Julie on play programs for two of our performances. She was always easy to work with, her work was phenomenal and she had a quick turnaround. When we decided to create the logo for our theatre company, Julie was the only clear choice. With a short explanation of what we wanted our logo to be, Julie read our minds and within a few days her first draft was unique, beautiful and stunning! It was exactly what we would've pictured in our head if we were as talented as her. She gave us several versions of the logo that give us maximum flexibility and creativity with her beautiful design. Thank you Julie for helping us brand our theatre company!


-  Heather Ramirez,

Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Creative Revolution Theatre Company

Everyone should have the pleasure of working with Julie! I had no idea what I wanted for the cover of my first novel, so I left the design entirely in her capable hands. She hit it out of the park with the first draft, and as I worked with her more, I began to wonder if she could read my mind. She has the amazing ability to translate my vague and muddled requests into works of art that reflect what I had envisioned but couldn't articulate.


-  Heather Cleveland, Author

I want to extend my thanks to Julie in helping our iPhone product be so successful in our launch. The graphics you designed for us made our product really professional in appearance. Additionally, the fact that you provided all the versions that you did helped us seamlessly release our iPad product as well and made getting thru the Apple review process that much easier. You are now our designer of choice for all of our future graphics work.


-  Kevin Burke,

Solutions Architect

BTI Inc.


Wow, look at all those nice things folks said about BottleCap Graphics!


About us

Fun Facts About Sasha:

saves all loose fur for "at will" shedding at inopportune moments (i.e. close proximity to black clothing)

loves playing fetch provided that toys are thrown

   "properly" - bad throws are treated with disdain

does not like tuna or catnip, but will go to great lengths to steal bites of maple oatmeal

will (on good days) sit, follow & high five on cue


Fun Facts About Julie:

enjoys creative pursuits of all kinds

loves cooking and invents ridiculous themes as an excuse to have dinner parties

lives in black tshirts, despite Sasha's repeated efforts to discourage the behavior (see below)

BottleCap Graphics

is the home of designer Julie Hamilton and Sasha the studio cat. Julie has been working as a freelance graphic artist since 2008. Her eclectic background in fashion design, costuming and drafting has honed her eye for good design and fueled her passion for combining creativity and functionality. In addition to offering excellent graphic design services, BottleCap Graphics also produces a line of whimsical original art in the form of posters, mini prints, postcards, stickers, plushies and many other fine items. Thanks for stopping by!


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